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Casio XJ-M151 laser LED projektor 3000 lum

Paindliku optika ning väga korraliku valgusjõuga laser LED projektor, mille puhul langevad ära lambi vahetamise kulud, pilt püsib hele, kontrastne ja intensiivsete puhaste värvidega pea terve eluea. Projektor saavutab täisheledusega pildi peale sisselülitamist mõne hetkega.

See projektor võimaldab kokku hoida lambivahetuskulud ning näitab head, värskete värvidega, kontrastset ja heledat pilti aastaid ka tiheda kasutuse puhul.

Terve Eesti piires on kohaletoomine tasuta

Uudse laser LED tehnoloogiaga projektor intensiivsesse kasutusalla. Seade säilitab heleda ja puhaste värvidega pildi paljudeks aastateks ning annab märkimisväärse kulude kokkuhoiu kui seda kasutatakse iganädalaselt pikki tunde. Seade sobib hästi 24/7 kasutusalasse.

Allpool olen info on pärit tootja kodulehelt:

  • Light source with long life time
  • Mercury-free illumination technology
  • Up to 20,000 hours without lamp replacement
  • Significant reduction in follow-up costs
  • Brilliant, natural colour reproduction
  • Up to 3.000 ANSI lumens
  • Intelligent brightness control
  • 3D Ready1
  • 1.5x optical zoom
  • Suitable for continuous use2
  • Quick Start & Stop
  • Extended remote control options (RS-232)

Technical Specifications

Technology: 0,55″ DLP® chip
Resolution: 1.024 x 768 pixels
Illumination technology
Type: Laser and LED hybrid technology
Service life: Up to 20,000 hours
Contrast ratio: 1,800:1
Colour depth: 16.77 mil.
Projection lens
Technology: 1.5x optical zoom
Projection ratio: (Viewing distance : width): 1.64-2.46 : 1
Offset: 50 %
Min. distance: 1 m
Focus: Manual
Size of projection screen: 30″ (0.76 m) to 300″ (7.62 m)
60“ Screen: 2.0 m to 3.0 m viewing distance
100“ Screen: 3.4 m to 4.9 m viewing distance
Keystone correction
Vertical (automatic/manual): +30°/±30°
Computer: 1 x 15-pin D-sub (VGA)
Digital input: HDMI port
Video: S-Video terminal x 1
RCA pin terminal (composite) x 1
Audio: Input terminals: stereo mini jack x 1
RCA pin terminal (L/R) x 1
Output terminal: stereo mini jack x 1
Other/further inputs: Micro-USB type B: logo transfer/firmware update
Extended functions
Direct power on, direct power off, rear projection, freeze,
blank screen, ceiling mounting
Audio and control systems
Audio system: 5 W monaural speaker
Control inputs: RS-232 (mini nine-pin D-sub) x 1
LAN RJ-45 x 1
Compatible control systems: AMX, Crestron, Extron, SP Controls
Operating noise
33 dB(Default mode)/28 dB (Safe mode)
Energy consumption
Active: 180 W (Eco Off)/145 W (Eco On Level 1)
Standby: 0.23 W
Computer compatibility
Max. resolution (compressed): UXGA (1,600 x 1,200 pixels)
Video compatibility
Signals: Composite video, YcbCr, YPbPr
Included with product
RGB cable, IR remote control, Quick guide
Optional accessories
DLP® 3D projection: Active shutter glasses (YA-G30) and software (YA-D30)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 311 x 84 x 244 mm
Weight: 3,9 kg
Casing/colour: white
Operating temperature: 5-35°C
Warranty: 1. When used for a maximum of 12 hours per day
Projector: 3 years
Light source: 5 years or 10,000 hours3
2. When used continuously for more than 12 hours per day
Projector: 2 years
Light source: 2 years or 6000 hours3
Native Resolution XGA (1024 x 768) 786,432 pixels
Native Aspect Ratio 4:3
Brightness 3000 Lumens
Display Device 0.55-inch DLP® chip
Contrast Ratio 1800 : 1
Lens Type 1.5X Manual Zoom & Focus
Lens Offset 50%
Light Source Casio Laser & LED Hybrid
Estimated Light Source Life Up to 20,000 Hours
Projection Screen Size
30 to 300-inch diagonal
Projection Range 60-inch screen 6.6 ~ 9.9 ft
100-inch screen 11.2 ~ 16.1 ft
Minimum 3.3 ft
Throw Ratio 1.64-2.46:1
Keystone Correction Vertical +30° (Auto) Vertical + or – 30° (Manual)
Color Reproduction Full color (16.77 million colors)
Power Source AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Operating 180 watts- Eco Mode “off” Bright selected
145 watts Eco Mode “Eco 1” Selected
Standby 0.12 w (LAN OFF), 2.3 w (LAN ON)
Terminal Connectivity
Video Signal Compatability Video Systems NTSC/ PAL/ PAL-N/ PAL-M/ PAL60/ SECAM
DTV/HDTV 480i/480P/576i/576P/720P/1080i/1080p
Maximum Computer Input UXGA (1600 x 1200)
RGB/Component Video Input mini D-Sub 15 pin x 1
Also use as YCbCr/YPbPr input- commercially available adapter required
HDMI HDMI Type A x 1 (480p~1080p)
Composite Video Composite Video (RCA) x 1, S-Video x 1
Audio RCA (R/L) x1, Stereo mini x 1
Built-in Memory
Logo Transfer Micro B ( USB1.1) x 1
Wireless Capability
(USB Models Only)
USB display
Audio Stereo Mini x 1
Audio and Control Systems
Audio system 5W Monaural Speaker
Control Terminal RS-232 RS-232C (Mini D sub 9 pin) x 1
Cross Cable (Null Modem) required)
LAN (USB Models only) No
Control System Compatibility AMX, Crestron, Extron, SP Controls
Usage Environment Operating Temperature 41~95°F
Operating Humidity 20~80% (non condensation)
High Altitude Mode Yes (for operation 5,000~10,000 ft)
Extended operation (24 x 7) Yes
Note: Projector must be turned off once every 24 hours
Rotation Projection 90 degrees Left/Right (Portrait)/ 90 degrees (Up/Down)
Remote Control Range 16.5 ft Maximum
Security Compatibility Kensington Compatible Yes
Power On Password Yes
Ceiling Mountable Yes, available and sold separately by 3rd party vendors
Ceiling Mount Screws
(Type x Qty)
M3 x 3 (not included) Insert Depth 5-7 mm
Limited Warranty 3 years Parts and Labor plus 3 years or 6,000 hours light source, see Warranty Statement included with product for complete details.
Included Accessories
Wireless remote control, 6’ RGB cable, 6’ AC Power Cord and Setup Manual (Printed)
USB Models Only
Included Software license Windows® Compatible Only
Optional Accessories Active Shutter 3D Glasses (YA-G30)/ 2D-3D Conversion Software (YA-D30)
Cabinet Color White with Lighter Gray Trim
Dimension (W x D x H) Including Projections 12.24 x 9.61 x 3.31 inches
Excluding Projections 12.24 x 9.61 x 3.23 inches
Weight 8.6 lbs
Packing Information Carton Dimensions 16.2″L x 14.4″W x 6.7″H
Carton Weight 14.1lbs
UPC Code
Manufactured in Japan
  1. 3D projection is not possible by using HDMI connector.
  2. Projector restarts once per day. For continuous use, please see special warranty
  3. Whichever is reached first.
DLP® The DLP® logo is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface is a trademark or registered trademark of HDMI Licensing, LLC.

Ausstattungsmerkmale von Projektoren der Standard Serie

At A Glance

The Casio Signature Model Projectors have increased I/O connectivity, are DLP 3D Ready and have auto brightness adjustment to save power and reduce eye fatigue.

The USB models allow Wi-Fi connectivity so users can display wireless presentations from a laptop or by using MobiShow, a smart phone application, where presentations can be made using a mobile device.

Mercury Lamp Free 3 Year Product Warranty XGA Display Auto brightness Adjust  Super Color HDMI compatible Consistent brightness and color

Obatined the Buckaroo Award from the Pacfic Media Association for best in show.

Special Features

Learn more about Casio’s Slim Projectors(Opens a new window)
Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source supporting high-brightness projection without mercury

CASIO has applied its unique new Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source to achieve breakthrough development of a mercury-free high-brightness projector. Adopting a new semiconductor-based light source system combining a blue laser, phosphor and a red LED, we have achieved both high-brightness performance enabling projection in well-lit rooms and environmental friendliness with mercury eliminated from the light source.
Approximately 20,000-hour long-life light source with less brightness degradation

The light source’s life of approximately 20,000 hours far outshines that of conventional projectors that require mercury lamp replacement. It saves maintenance labor and contributes to a significant reduction in operating costs. Since brightness degradation is more gradual than with mercury lamps, moreover, it maintains vivid image quality through long-term use.
Startup as quick as 5-seconds* Fast ON & OFF switching for convenient usability

The light source’s life of approximately 20,000 hours far outshines that of conventional projectors that require mercury lamp replacement. It saves maintenance labor and contributes to a significant reduction in operating costs. Since brightness degradation is more gradual than with mercury lamps, moreover, it maintains vivid image quality through long-term use.* Except XJ-A series
Signarure projectors reach their maximum brightness much quicker than a projector with a mercury lamp.
Enhanced beauty and realism A further leap forward in color reproduction

The dramatic improvement in color purity achieved by the new light source has significantly improved color reproduction. Not only are the colors clearer and more beautiful, but the projected images also look brighter due to the visual effects of the high-purity colors. Users benefit from clearer, more powerful images than conventional projectors can achieve.
COMMITMENT TO USABILITY:Concern for today’s high environmental quality standards
CASIO has developed a light source with no mercury lamp to eliminate the release of mercury, a highly toxic element, and adopted energy- and resource-saving designs. Superior environmental performance is also achieved by innovations such as Intelligent Brightness Control, which adjusts the projection brightness automatically depending on the level of illumination in the surrounding environment and contributes to daily power savings.
Vertical positioning expanding the scope of use
The projector’s ability to project images straight up or down facilitates creation of visual presentations with high-impact advertising effects, such as promotions projected onto the floor of a conference hall or presentations using a showroom ceiling.
Smart wireless presentations (C-Assist)
Wireless communication from a smartphone or tablet with the C-Assist dedicated app installed enables control of projected images, real-time projection of images from a camera, projection of browser pages and remote PC operation. The scope of available presentation styles is broadened dramatically.

  • Wireless presentation
  • Wireless camera
  • Browser projection
  • Simple PC remote control

Download C-Assist on the Apple App store(Opens a new window)Download C-Assist on Google Play(Opens a new window)

Check OS versions compatible with the app on Google Play or the App Store.
*App functions and operating environments may be altered without prior notice.
*The app may not function on some smart device.

Centralized control and remote operation functions
The projector can be controlled from a PC using an RS-232C connection or wired LAN, with centralized control of all terminals on the network enabled. The main projector unit is equipped with a key lock that disables all operations except power ON/OFF to prevent unauthorized use and improper operation.
Projector Operation Functions and integrations are as follows
Speaker, blind and others
LAN (RJ-45)
Control panel
And AMX, Extron
Software: “RoomView” by Crestron
Browser image
Internal memory for PC-free presentations
Presentation materials stored in the (2GB) internal memory can be projected without a PC. Operators can project still or moving images as well as files in PDF (and other) formats without conversion. Operation can be conducted with the bundled remote controller or a smartphone.
Store of up to 2 GB of still images, PDF's, or even movies onto your projector.
Inputs and outputs for the Signature Projector are as follows 

USB terminal (Micro-B)*
USB terminal (Type A)*
Wired LAN terminal*
Computer terminal
HDMI terminal
S-Video input terminal
Video input terminal (RCA)
Audio input terminals(RCA)
Audio output terminal
Audio input terminal
Control terminal(RS-232C)*Supported models: XJ-A257/A247/A147
Linkage to CASIO Digital Equipment
Casio Signature projectors can link to other Casio Products such as a Casio calculator or Exilim digital camera. 

[Digital cameras]
Project your photos and videos directly.[Direct projector connection capability]
Graphing Calculator
Connect the calculator to a data projector and project the calculator screen. For more information, please check here(Opens a new window).Allikas: