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Kaamerakontroller Yarmee YCV800M

YCV800M on kaasaegne kontroller automaatseks videopildi juhtimiseks (auto-track). Sobib kokku YCU892M kesküksusega.

Videokonverentsi kaamerakontrolleri Yarmee YCV800M kasutusjuhend

Järgnev info pärineb tootja kodulehelt:


  1. Built-in video switching matrixes (8 input, 2 output)
  2. 256 video camera auto-track control points. Multi-machine cascade
  3. Support Pelco-D and VISCA protocol. (Pelco-D, Baud Rate: 9600, VISCA , Baud Rate:9600)
  4. The processor can communicate with the equipment by RS232 interface, such computer or video switching matrixes.
  5. High speed dome follows the location for last opening of all speaking representative, when the microphone which opened last was closed, the dome will follow back the last following camera spot, and when all the speaking representative microphone were closed, the dome will automatically move back to the standby position.
  6. When without the computer, set the camera spot advanced through pressing the button in conference main unit board and also set by the IR remote controller.