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Kvaliteetse viimistluse, väga kasutajasõbraliku disaini ja ülevaatlike displeidega profiseeria wireless-ülekandeseadmed peamikrofoni, reväärimikrofoni, kitarri ning muu heliallika signaali juhtmevabaks ülekandeks.

Nii vöösaatjal kui ka vastuvõtjal on kanali, patareide laetuse ning mikrofoni (või instrumendi) nime näidikuga selged displeid. Displeidel kuvatav nimi on kasutaja poolt menüüs vabalt valitav ja tähthaaval sisestatav.

Tegu on Saksamaal välja-arendatud profi-kvaliteediga seadmetega. Vastuvõtja ja saatja tööraadius on ligi 100 m. Vöösaatja saatevõimsus on lülitatav 2mW, 10mW ja 30mW vahel võimaldades kasutada kas palju saatjaid üheaegselt väiksemas saalis või siis tagada maksimaalne saatekaugus välitingimustes.

Pakume tavajuhul neid seadmeid töösagedusega 655 – 679 MHz. See võimaldab suure leviala ning segajaid on vähem kui 800 ja 900 MHz vahel.

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Whether you play guitar, bass or a wind instrument, the U500® wireless systems were developed in Germany to bring you affordable professional technology and sound quality. The instrument sets deliver impressive performance and high reliability, which will certainly exceed your expectations. We have designed the range specifically for professional users to ensure that your performance is an impressive and emotional experience. Selectable transmit power up to 30 mW provides the U500® instrument sets with a free-field range of over 100 metres. They are available in three frequency bands: 584 – 608 MHz and 655 – 679 MHz, where 12 systems can be operated simultaneously, and 823 – 832 MHz + 863 – 865 MHz, where six systems can be operated at the same time. The Bodypack’s gain control allows attenuation of up to 27 dB to suit both active and passive guitars and basses or high sound pressure wind instruments, thus ensuring a distortion-free audio signal. Even the lowest bass notes are cleanly transmitted, thanks to the frequency response which extends down to 30 Hz. In addition, output impedance and level are switchable on the receiver to facilitate direct connection to guitar and bass amplifiers.

The U500® True Diversity UHF wireless systems feature an automatic scan facility to find the best free frequency, and convenient one-touch infrared synchronisation of transmitter and receiver to facilitate easy set-up. High-contrast OLED displays provide an excellent overview of functions, with indicators for group, channel, radio frequency, and signal strength and battery status. You can even enter individual usernames. In addition to the squelch function, the Bodypack’s silent pilot tone ensures fail-safe operation. It protects against interference and mutes the receiver if signals without this tone are present. The U500®’s efficient technology and high-quality components provide clear, distortion-free transmission without latency or artefacts. Low power consumption means that the transmitter can run for up to 10 hours with 2 x AA batteries.

The U500® Series instrument sets are available in two versions: for wind instruments with a clip-on microphone or for guitars and basses with a double-shielded, low-capacitance cable to protect against interference.

Overview of frequency ranges of instrument sets:

  • U505 // 584 – 608 MHz // 12 systems can be used simultaneously
  • U506 // 655 – 679 MHz // 12 systems can be used simultaneously
  • U508 // 823 – 832 MHz + 863 – 865 MHz // six systems can be used simultaneously
  • U506 UK (Channel 38) // 606 – 614 MHz //
  • U518 // 1785 – 1800 MHz //



Product number: LDU506BPG
Product type: Wireless Microphone System Accessories, Wireless Microphone Systems
Type: Guitars/Basses, Belt Packs, Guitar Cables, Receivers
Connector 1: mini-XLR (3-pin, female)
Modulation Type: FM
Connector 2: 6.3 mm jack
Transmission frequency range: 655 – 679 MHz
Channels: 96 (8 groups of 12 channels)
Length: 0.8m
Groups: 8
Weight: 0,09kg, 0,85kg, 2,46kg, 0,045kg
Inputs: Mini-XLR (3-pin)
Antenna inputs: 2
Antenna connector: BNC
Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB, > 100dB
Frequency response: 30 – 16000Hz
Rated HF output power: Variable (2mW, 10mW, 30mW)
Noise reduction: squelch
THD: < 0.1 %
Controls: arrow keys (up/down value entry), Power On/Off, select, volume, digital encoder
Audio output, balanced: XLR
Operating voltage: 12 – 18 V DC, 2 x AA battery, 12 V DC, 500 mA
Audio output, unbalanced: 6.3 mm jack
Operating time: >10 h (with alkaline batteries)
Width: 212mm, 65mm
Height: 86mm, 44mm
Depth: 159mm, 23mm
Max. output level: +10dBu
Other features: Pilot tone squelch, switchable gain, IR frequency synchronisation, Wireless Microphone System Accessories, switchable gain, channel search function, detachable antenna, pilot tone, switchable RF power
Indicators: OLED Display
Accessories (included): Audio cable, 2 x antenna, Power cord


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