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DIS sünkroontõlkevastuvõtja DR6004

Tegu on digitaalse sünkroontõlkevastuvõtjaga, millel on 4 tõlkekanalit (võimalik asendada ka 8 ja 32 kanaliga seadmega). Seade töötab AA patareidel kuni 200 tundi ning seega on patareide vahetamine tavakasutuses vajalik umbes korra aastas.

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Product Details

Beautifully designed by Danish Industrial designers this wireless digital receiver is easy to use and with a superb audio quality.

The DR 60xx Digital Receivers are for use in wireless simultaneous interpretation systems in conference centers, conference theaters, hotels etc. By means of invisible digital infrared light up to 32 channels can be received in superb audio quality.

The ergonomically designed receivers use the latest electronics technology – including a specially designed IC to ensure maximum performance and a long battery life-time.


  • 2-digit LCD display with battery and reception status indication
  • Number of available channels is always the same as the number of channels in use by the system, eliminating the need to scroll through unused channels
  • Audio signal automatically muted when signal is too low, ensuring that the user receives only high quality audio
  • No power used when headphone is disconnected
  • Clip for easy wearing, placed on the front of the receiver to easily slip into a shirt pocket
  • Measurement mode for easy checking of radiator coverage
  • Up to 200 hours operation with alkaline batteries
  • Attractive and stylish design