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DIS tõlgipult IS6132P

Tegu on sünkroontõlgi puldiga, mille abil tõlk saab valida kas ta kuulab saalist tulevat heli või mõnda teist tõlkekabiini ning valida millisele keelekanalile läheb tema tõlge.

Allolev info on pärit tootja kodulehelt:

The IS 6132 P 32-Channel Interpreter Unit is a fully digital, portable, single-user interpreter unit, fully compliant to international standards. The unit features two outgoing A/B channels and four 4 input relay buttons.

Clear positioning of all controls allows intuitive operation without mistakes. The unique digital technology eliminates background noise, distortion and crosstalk. Automatic gain control ensures equal listening level on all channels irrespective of the individual interpreter’s speech level. The operator can change the language setting or active/de-activate a microphone remotely. The unit can be used with a gooseneck microphone and headphone or a headset

Standard features:

  • Portable interpreter unit for interpreters
  • Fully digital audio transmission
  • Daisy chain topology with loop through connections or star topology using junction boxes
  • DCS-LAN connection by use of CAT 5e (or higher) F/UTP or U/FTP cabling
  • Maximum 150 interpreter units per system
  • Maximum 32 interpreter units per booth
  • Maximum 128 booths per system
  • Support for up to 31 interpretation channels
  • Two outgoing channels (A+B) with free/locked toggling
  • Selectable B channel mode (all channels, one channel, no channels)
  • Four relay languages + floor
  • Support for multiple interlocking modes (A interrupt A, A interrupt B, A interrupt A+B)
  • Illuminated microphone on/off button
  • Beep mode for blind interpreters
  • Auto floor mode for distributing the floor signal when there is no interpretation
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Speaking too fast button
  • 4 x 24 LCD display with backlight
  • Light indication in buttons
  • XLR socket for gooseneck microphone
  • Large ‘mute/cough’ button
  • Connection for headset
  • Connection for loudspeaker
  • Remotely controllable from the SW 6000 Conference Management Software