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Laser Stairville DJ Lase 40-G MK-III Green DMX IR

Tegu on rohelise laserefektiga tantsupõranda valgusdekoratsiooniks erinevatel üritustel. Seade tekitab intensiivsed rohelised ruumi läbivad valgusvihud, mis muutuvad efektseks ruumis suitsu kasutamisel.

Stairville DJ Lase 40-G MK-III Green DMX IR, The new version of the DJ Lase 40-G comes in a thomann new compact housing, new and better, step motors, and new patterns. Thanks to its 40mW green laser diode (532nm) is sure the, DJ LASE 40-G MK-III works well in discos, clubs, bars, small theaters, etc. and can be easily integrate into the light thomann show., Features such as DMX, Sound-to-Light, Master /, Slave, key switch, etc. are in the new DJ LASE series as standard., Specifications: Light Source: Laser diode, green (532nm) 40mW, laser deflection: High speed stepp motors, control:, DMX 512, Auto mode, Sound-to-light mode, Master thomann / Slave, Security: key switch, eyelet for Safety, Effects: Beam Show, 32 patterns, incl. IR remote control, Dimensions: 155 x 85 x 145 mm (WxHxD), Weight: 1.26 kg