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Projektor 6000 lum 16:10 WXGA Eiki LC-WXN200L

Suurema, 6000 lum valgusjõuga projektor, millel on kaasas ka erinevad läätsed, et seadet paremini eri saalides kasutada. Seadmel on ka lens shift funktsioon mis võimaldab projektori asukohta saalis paindlikumalt valida ning rakendades ka keystone-funktsiooni projektor saali küljele inimeste vaateväljast kõrval paigutada.

Rendilaos on 2 täpselt samasugust projektorit koos erinevate optikatega.

* Kuvab lähioptikaga 3,5 m laia ekraani täis 3,5 meetrit pealt ja 5m laia ekraani ligikaudu 5 meetri pealt (tuleb täpsustada)

Erinevate optikate andmed:

EIKI 6000 proje throw distances

EIKI 6000 lum projektori pildi suurus 5m kauguselt

Allpool olev info on pärit tootja kodulehelt:

LC-WXN200L Key Features

  • 6,000 ANSI lumens bright and a 2000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Native WXGA resolution. Compatible with inputs up-to UXGA and WUXGA.
  • Supports analog and digital video input in all color standards up-to 1080p.
  • 10-bit color processing, for superior color reproduction.
  • Optional wide-angle and telephoto lenses.
  • Vertical and Horizontal power lens shift and digital keystone correction.
  • HDMI® input supports digital data, plus digital video with HDCP.
  • Accepts composite, component, and S-Video in all major standards.
  • Wired LAN connection for monitoring and control.
  • Built-in Edge Blending. Wireless LAN. Zigbee Wireless Projector Control.
  • Crestron RoomView™ & AMX Device Discovery Compatability.
  • Centered lens with 1-button release. Top-accessed lamp, rear-accessed filter.
  • Variable power management option. Optional local or remote keylock.
  • Corner keystone correction. Wireless/wired remote control.
Display Technology 3LCD
Brightness (ANSI) 6,000 ANSI lumens
Native Resolution XGA (1280×800)
Max. Computer Input WUXGA
Max. Video Input 1080p
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Panel Size 0.75″ (19 mm) (inorganic)
Lens Type (Throw:Width) Changeable – Power Zoom and Focus, not supplied.
Power Lens Shift U/D ±50%; L/R ±10%
Corner Keystone Correction U/D ±30°; L/R ±15°
Inputs Dsub15 x 2; HDMI (w/HDCP) x 1; DVI-D (w/HDCP) x 1; BNC x 5; BNC x 3; BNC x 1; S-Video x 1;  USB Type B (USB Display) x 1; USB Type A (Wifi Display / Flash Drive) x 1; MiniStereo x 1
Outputs Dsub15 x 1; MiniStereo (Wired Remote) x 1
Sound System 7 Watt Amplifier;
Network Control RJ45 x 1
Warranty 3 year/6000 hrs. (whichever comes first) projector warranty.
Lamp Life Up to 3,000 hours
Lamp Part # 13080024
Fan Noise As low as 32 dBA
Air Filter Replacement Filter Cartridge
Maximum Pitch Up to 360°
Weight (without lens) 21.3 lb (9.69 kg)